Leo’s War features detailed maps and 16 pages of photos (see photo samples below)


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What readers are saying about Leo’s War...

“...the letters demonstrated better than any other book I’ve read the soldier as a living breathing person……This book doesn’t just explain life in the trenches; this book gives a rare glimpse in the last few years of a Canadian hero.”

“This book is more than a collection of letters it is a biography written by the soldier himself during his time in the field.”

“His writing shows him to have been a thoughtful, dedicated young man always concerned for his family and friends back home.”

“...told in a way that might have been part of a conversation at home after the day’s work was done and all could join in the repartee.”

“It says much for the system of Postal communications over the ocean that was in many ways “conversation” flowing almost uninterrupted throughout (the War).”

“...a beautifully produced book.  A sad story indeed.”

“A deeply moving book…..I felt I had lost a dear friend.”